Netex Learning

Securing an ESG Rating in Clarity AI for Netex.


Netex's visibility in the markets remains limited due to its size. Therefore, in addition to activating new communication and positioning strategies, Netex will have to find new solutions to attract new investor profiles interested in the project.

LLYC proposes the company to broaden the range of contacts and relationships with potential investors by improving its visibility and eligibility with regard to specialized ESG investment profiles.

Accordingly, an ESG profile and rating management project is being launched on Clarity AI, a leading sustainability technology platform that uses machine learning and Big Data to provide environmental and social information to investors, organizations and consumers. By January 2023, Clarity AI's platform was analyzing well over 70,000 companies, 360,000 funds, 198 countries and 199 local governments.


The engagement process developed in coordination with the company's financial, legal and quality management meant that Netex became the first BME Growth company to have an ESG rating in Clarity AI.

In addition to the visibility and recognition garnered, the rating was a confirmation of the good initiatives implemented by the company to date and a concrete point of development from which Netex can continue moving towards a more sustainable and responsible business model.

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Netex Learning
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