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Mocotó SQF #EatWithoutFear.


To develop an omnichannel online and offline campaign to raise awareness about Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome (FCS), together with the need for early diagnosis and proper care. This disease severely compromises the diets of people who suffer from it, so we partnered with a regional food restaurant: Mocotó, whose dishes are naturally fatty. We transformed the entire restaurant, renaming it Mocotó SQF (Spanish acronym for FCS), featuring a special low-fat menu.

Our Healthcare & Advocacy, Creation and DD teams handled the planning, development and execution of advocacy and public relations actions (invitations to journalists and influencers, press releases and memos), creation of graphic and digital content, and social media management (multimedia content for the Mocotó and Desafio Pouca Gordura profiles). LLYC oversaw every detail, from tailoring the special menu with nutritionists to making uniforms for the restaurant team and changing the logo on the façade for three days.


+35 million impressions in PR and social media campaigns

+305 thousand video views on social media

+215 thousand interactions on social media

+35 million impressions in social media and PR actions

+5 thousand clicks


63 campaign hashtag uses

+127 thousand views (most viewed video in the Mocotó restaurant profile)

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