Pernod Ricard

Launch of the Light Category in Portugal.


Support Pernod Ricard in its launch of a new category in the spirits sector through strong communication to achieve the desired visibility.

Pernod Ricard Portugal was preparing the announcement of an innovation in the Portuguese market, for which it required:

- Support communicating the launch of this new category.

- Maximization of the notoriety of each of the new light brands: Beefeater Light and Ballantine’s Light.

- The positioning of Pernod Ricard as an innovative company.

We proposed a communication strategy based, first of all, on a more corporate approach, positioning Pernod Ricard as a pioneering and innovative company that is responsive to consumer trends, through business interviews with the company's leadership; followed by a phase focusing more on product communication, in which we explored various angles on these two new products, particularly Beefeater Light, due to the interest that gin arouses in the national market. Second, we carried out three branded content actions in NiT, Observador and MAGG which also allowed us to reach other types of communities through the production of audiovisual content with KOL/influencers taking a leading role (Filipa Correia, Vanessa Martins and Maggy Santos).


Some 25 news items, allowing us to impact over 600,000 people, including both online and offline channels.


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