Helm Bank

The key for a bank’s brand concept is reinvention.


A bank was looking to reposition itself and contracted a series of Mind Jamz (Card 03) to try to identify a rebranding concept (Card 13) capable of transforming its position and focusing on decision-makers in the banking category in Colombia for the premium segment.

Using the method defined on Card 03 Mind Jamz, we identified the qualitative insight that “we want a simple bank”. We prototyped this qualitative insight or Card 13 Catalyst Concept and delivered it to the design, advertising and marketing team, which completely transformed the experience benchmarks for banking in Colombia. All the expectations and targets of the project were met thanks to design leadership and translation of the concept into an unprecedented experience in the country.

"According to the CIV, Helm Bank was #1 in Colombia in terms of satisfaction and experience for over five years"

Andrés Venegas
Managing Director of Adaptative


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