Together We Are Heroes.


In the midst of an unprecedented crisis like the pandemic, Digicel wanted to feel closer to its clients and enhance positive chatter about the telecommunication sector. In consideration of the critical panorama of the health sector, the existing concern and the need for medical supplies, the brand found in LLYC an ideal partner to develop the creative concept and deliveries of biosecurity equipment to medical staff at the main hospitals and provinces in Panama

Aware of the urgent need for supplies for medical personnel, four deliveries were made, known as the Supply Procession to the most important hospitals in the country and to such authorities as the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Treasury. With each delivery, digital actions were performed and actions through micro-influencers, which organically took the hashtag #TogetherWeAreHeroes to positions #1 and #2 on Trending Topic in the country. In turn, we designed a strategy that led to chatter about the deliveries to national and regional media, which increased the brand’s voice share with its audiences.


- The campaign generated 21 million hits on social media, mainly on Twitter, where we have become an organic Trending Topic in all deliveries of supplies made.

- At a press level, we have achieved 95 impacts in the international press and in different formats (TV, web, printed press, radio), making the initiative an event that increased the brand’s presence and led talk to the telecommunications sector and to a more positive space.

- We achieved a VPE of $706,900 dollars, beating the competition under this heading with a lower investment profile.

“An initiative like this is a clear example of moving from storytelling to storydoing. Digicel is a brand that has incorporated solidarity and anticipated the needs of its clients in its DNA and they show this in each delivery. It has been a source of pride and satisfaction to take part together with them in a campaign that helps the country during this pandemic”.

Giuliana Venutolo
Directora de Digital y Consumer Engagement

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