Future Leaders: the technology behind the report.


Can a scientific method be used to identify the most significant personality traits of Future Leaders?

Numerous academic experiments and studies have shown that the way in which we use language can be closely tied to a large number of aspects related to personality and human behavior. There is also a huge catalogue of scientific texts confirming that personality characteristics can be reliably associated with the appearance of leadership. Would we be able to harness technology to anticipate what Future Leaders would be like, how they would behave and how they would talk?


Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and Artificial Intelligence, we undertook a pioneering analysis of the content and discourses available online from a wide selection of young leaders born after 1990 in 12 countries. This task involved analyzing over one million words, 11,771 tweets, 8,931 Instagram posts and 81 videos. Following a similar exercise using a sample of contemporary leaders, our tech teams drew up a report that allows a profile to be generated for each group and a comparison to be made between them aimed at contrasting the most personal aspects of the two generations. Some interesting conclusions were reached.

“Future Leaders is a pioneer project that couples our ability to use technology and AI to analyze data with the visionary skill to interpret the world around us. In this case, it helps us understand how leadership models are being transformed, also looking at the new language and ways of communicating they use.”

José Antonio Llorente
Founding Partner and Chairman at LLYC
16 Oct 2020


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