Being ready to be safer.


UNESPA - the Spanish Union of Insurers and Reinsurers – created the largest life insurance policy in Spain’s history (1 million insured) in March 2020 to insure professionals at health centers and care homes for the elderly and for those with disabilities. The creation of the policy was possible thanks to the donation of 38 million euros from 107 participating insurance companies. The campaign to publicize the initiative revolved, over the course of the year, around the spread of informative content among the traditional and social media.

In June 2021, after allocating 8.4 million euros to the payment of benefits and support to 5,000 health and socio-health workers and their families, the 107 insurance companies participating in the initiative decided to set up a second phase of actions through the supportive fund: the project “Be ready (to be safer)”. UNESPA decided to develop a campaign integrated with the creative concept aligned with the purpose of the sector: “Be ready (to be safer)”, whereby only a better prepared/preventive society can tackle the future with certainty. “Be Ready” is a social commitment campaign, undertaken by the insurance sector, to raise awareness in society. This initiative sought to open up a debate among the public about the consequences of the pandemic (economic, social, scientific, etc.) and the way to overcome this situation (scientific research and solidarity).

A creative, innovative and disruptive campaign was developed to positively impact the reputation of the insurance sector, generating this connection with society through positive messages from reliable sources.

Work was undertaken on two fronts: on the one hand, informative, consisting of the spread of a strategic donation plan to be implemented from the surplus of the supportive insurance fund (donations allocated to scientific projects and social purposes); and, on the other hand, emotional, by highlighting the work, dedication and efforts made by different people to prevent, mitigate and overcome the effects of the pandemic. This sought to send out a clear message: a society with foresight that is prepared can resist pandemics in the future. The importance of this second aim should be underlined, given that it is in line with the three pillars on which insurance revolves in general: prevent, mitigate, repair.


The campaign had excellent results. More than 21 million impressions were achieved in total, with coverage of 12 million people on television. In terms of PR, more than 650 impacts were achieved, with an economic value of 2 million euros in equivalent advertising value (EAV), and an audience of 104 million people. 44,000 unique users registered on the website, with 49,000 sessions opened. 18 million impressions were attained on social media, with 4,600 interactions and more than 400 items of shared content. As regards influencer marketing, 58 profiles were attained, with 115 items of content on three platforms (instagram, twitter and linkedin), and 1.5 million followers.

“Vaccination is the most effective instrument we have at this time to fight the virus. The inoculation process has progressed in the most advanced economies, but there is still a long way to go in those countries with fewer resources. The pandemic is a global challenge and, as such, requires a response from everyone. Accordingly, we felt it was essential to contribute to the acquisition and distribution of vaccines in the more vulnerable territories in the world. UNICEF has extensive experience in this field. The Spanish insurance industry sought, through this contribution, to spur on others. We can only eradicate this pandemic through widespread vaccination"

Pilar González de Frutos
President of UNESPA

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