Elevate Mission.


Schindler passed four major challenges being faced by the company to LLYC: to present the new company claim, “We Elevate”; to raise the profile of the everyday work done by its technicians; to highlight the company’s commitment to the digital transformation; and to impact on a group of professionals that was beyond the traditional corporate communication reach.

LLYC prepared an internal communication plan based on the employee experience and made up of various components: - Co-creation with employees. The vision held by Schindler technicians was obtained through numerous interviews and focus groups with employees. - Interactive video. Viewers were able to make decisions and change the outcome in order to overcome various challenges related to safety, innovation and value proposition at Schindler. - Gamification. Employees competed to demonstrate everything they had learned from this campaign. - Content strategy. Participation was encouraged with teaser elements clearly inspired by cinema. - CEO engagement. Starring in the film as the leader of the Super Agents calling them to take on a mission. - Ambassadors plan. To promote and raise awareness about the campaign among employees. - Specific website. Created for the occasion to help generate an immersive experience for employees. The result was Elevate Mission, an innovative internal communication plan with a creative and strategic focus that transformed the idea of technicians into one of Super Secret Agents.


40% of employees took part in the gamification actions. Overall positive satisfaction was registered regarding the initiative: 100% of employees took part in the campaign by accessing the microsite at least once. The interactive video was viewed more than 3,000 times (with a target audience of 2,800 employees, which is equal to an average of 1.2 views per employee). The project was recognized with important awards, including: the SABRE Awards EMEA 2020 in the Iberia category; FEIEA: Best Internal Communication Strategy; Astrid Awards: Certificate of Excellence in Category; Y. VIDEO/DVD, ONLINE & USB 08. Stakeholder Communication and Dircom Ramón del Corral: Internal Campaign: Transnational Scope.

“The key to the success of this communication plan was teamwork.”

Pablo Noval
Internal Communication Manager at Schindler Iberia

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