Putting value on gas in the energy transition.
Gas in the energy market


To ensure a proportional and fair presence for gas in the face of environmental commitments in the fight against climate change. Natural gas is a tool for the energy transition, and the production of renewable gas will allow it to continue to play an important role in the energy market. Our job was, on the one hand, to ensure that legislators were aware of this solution and, on the other, that the media was fully informed of the solutions that gas provides. All of this, in a regulatory and political environment that is challenging and full of uncertainties.


We have contribute with our work to keep the voices of the gas companies, on one hand, at the Spanish Government and Parliament decision-making table and, in the other hand, in the media and in front of the opinion leaders.

"We knew that the energy scenario for the coming decades was being defined now, and there will be technologies that get left out because they cannot carve our their own space. Success has definitely consisted of proposing a pragmatic, ambitious and realistic roadmap that demonstrates the sector's capacity to reinvent itself and provide solutions for a 100% renewable future."

Carlos Ruiz Mateos
Director of Public Affairs at LLYC

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