The future of offices lies in gardens.


How to turn communication into an ally, extend the community of corporate gardens in Portugal and increase the visibility of the “Liga-te à Terra” (Connect to the Earth) program.

Noocity is a Portuguese start-up dedicated to the development of innovative, ecological and efficient low-tech products and services that allow us to reconnect with nature, whether at home, in companies or in collaborative spaces like schools, condos and hotels. Its mission is to nurture stronger communities linked to gardens, promote the ecological transition and bring people closer: to themselves, to other people and to the planet.

The company’s corporate segment currently accounts for between 60% and 70% of the business, with the target being over 80%. However, Noocity's value proposition has a low level of visibility among potential buyers (consultants, multinationals, technology and HR oriented companies), while the pandemic and increased telecommuting have led companies to postpone investments.

Faced with these barriers, how can we reach companies and make its value proposition known?

To plant the seed of Noocity in companies, we developed a set of actions with the slogan “when we return to our offices, we’ll have breaks in the gardens and not by the coffee machine.” The strategy presented also included press releases, interviews in the print media and in the key general-interest TV programs, as well as features that involved the participation of several Noocity clients, such as Microsoft, Farfetch and Natixis.

We also developed communication actions to reinforce Noocity's value proposition by publicizing its largest urban vegetable garden in the country, recently created in Porto Business School. They included inviting journalists to visit the vegetable garden and arranging interviews about its benefits.

And finally, LLYC and Noocity launched a final challenge to Portuguese CEOs and journalists: “Recruit a Community Chief of Vegetables” to ensure the ecological transition within companies. As part of this mission, several press kits were delivered to the main decision-makers in companies and 10 key journalists. Included was a box with ready-to-plant compost and a message inviting them to “get hands-on experience of the soil.”


in just five months, more than 60 impacts were published in national media, which contributed to significantly increasing Noocity's notoriety and positioning, further reflected in an increase of 987 new followers on its LinkedIn page (from 1,382 to 2,369) and increased traffic to the official site from links on other sites/articles (referral traffic). There was also an increase in direct and organic traffic, particularly at the start of the PR campaign.

With respect to the impact of the campaign on business, Noocity achieved 7 leads while it ran; and it has noted that since March, people have talked a great deal about the company.

"Our PR partnership with LLYC has been very efficient and smooth. Our message has been widely communicated and shared by the Portuguese, national, business and specialized press. Thanks to the actions carried out, we were able to raise awareness and visibility in both the B2B and B2C segments."

Hélène Sobral
Marketing Manager, Noocity


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