Political due diligence.
Assess political risks for public contracts with private health services


Private health services in Spain depend to a large extent on outsourcing by public systems. This outsourcing is highly subject to the interests of the party in government in each autonomous community, and of the national government. In Spain, the debate against outsourcing of these services is growing, with some governments reversing established contracts. Therefore, the client was faced with the challenge of knowing the real risk that exists for the specific sector in which they operate before buying an asset that is highly exposed to this outsourcing.


The report provided to the client the information needed about the operation in order to clarify the possible scenarios of public policies about the business.

"Our client was satisfied with the political due diligence we offered because it provided him with a comprehensive assessment of the assets he wanted to acquire while familiarizing him with the real political risks involved. He especially appreciated the high-level interviews, which helped share his perspective on the business' evolution in the face of institutional messages on the cuts to public-private agreements in the health sector."

Cristóbal Herrera
Director of Intelligence at Public Affairs at LLYC


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