Impulse México

Debunking myths: 100% Positive.


Impulse México sought to break paradigms and raise awareness about HIV in Mexico. A world-changing disease that, years after it emerged, is still surrounded by taboos based on mistaken ideas that continue to generate stigma and discrimination for patients. It was time to communicate with a deeply misinformed society about the reality of the lives of people living with HIV based on a reliable source of information.

Together with LLYC, Impulse México developed the 100% Positive platform. This 360º social movement sought to become a benchmark and source of more reliable and straightforward information in Mexico and Latin America about HIV. It sought to offer online and offline activities that could provide guidance to patients, relatives, friends, partners, employees and society in general.


The project positioned itself successfully and connected with various audiences, including the Tedx program with testimonials from people living with HIV. This event was attended by 170 people, including influencers, civil society organizations, the media community, members of parliament, artists and the general public. The voice of patients was heard digitally thanks to celebrities who joined the conversation organically. According to CENSIDA figures during the first eight months of the company, as well as others in the sector, a 5% increase was achieved in the two indicators: more than 109,300 diagnoses and more than 4,600 patients with antiretroviral therapy provided by the health sector.

“Helping to debunk stigma, myths and labels about people living with HIV by using a different 100% positive narrative is tremendously satisfying, but even more so when diagnoses and the number of people undergoing therapies are increased as well.”

Hugo Valdez
Director of Consumer Engagement


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