Discover one of Schindler’s biggest efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis.


Use storytelling to communicate the company’s storydoing in the midst of the crisis.

In a situation as complex as the COVID-19 crisis, Schindler wanted to demonstrate its commitment to its communities, especially those most affected by the situation, by keeping people's work available. One of the various actions we developed with Schindler under its Talent Engagement plan was an audiovisual initiative. LLYC sought to communicate and reinforce the company’s values through a video, which was produced in record time before being translated into more than 5 languages. Schindler works every day to help cities keep themselves moving. In these difficult times, with everything ground to a halt, it is key to keep moving forward so the essentials can keep running. In this video, we show that we will make it through this, together and united - and with this in mind, how Schindler will keep things moving for you, for health professionals, for people with reduced mobility, for those working in the food service sector, for anyone who needs to go to the pharmacy and for us all.

"Working with quality and professionalism, communications is really what has helped our company"

Jose Manuel Nieto
CEO Schindler Iberia

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