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Discover how we helped Hero Spain to create its new Corporate Communication area.


To create a corporate communication area capable of coordinating and responding to the cultural transformation at the company

As part of a new and ambitious business strategy, Hero Spain embarked on a significant cultural transformation in 2019 in which corporate communication sought to become a key component of its reputational positioning action. This challenge required a corporate communication area to be created, which had not existed until then. We became strategic advisers throughout the transformation process. The first stage consisted of conducting a diagnosis of the situation via a comprehensive communication audit aimed at defining a short- and medium-term corporate strategy across the board and with all departments on the same page. The second stage consisted of creating a Corporate Communication Area for the company, including consultancy work, reputational positioning and media relations. Internal coordination protocols were also drawn up, as well as specific crisis management procedures. The final stage consisted of defining a communication strategic plan, institutional relations and social responsibility strategy.


Internally, the new Corporate Communication Area was successfully consolidated. Coordinated and efficient inter-departmental workflows were defined, and internal communication and engagement with Hero Spain employees was promoted. Externally, Hero Spain’s presence and the public communication of its mission in the media were significantly enhanced, both nationally and regionally.

"When I joined Hero Spain, almost two years ago, I could see that many things were being done, and being done well, but there was no clear communication strategy at the company. The decision to create this new communication area undoubtedly allowed us to define that strategy, positioning ourselves as leaders in the sector, and help to align all our communication actions with the company’s overall strategy. Thanks to the approachability and professionalism of LLYC, we were able to successfully meet that huge challenge."

Javier Uruñuela
Managing Director of Hero Southern Europe


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