From Post-it to Science: 3M.


For its 70th anniversary, 3M Mexico faced the challenge of becoming better known as an innovative company developing technology in several sectors. It was time to be seen beyond the Post-It™ note.

3M wanted to position itself as a science company and through strategy and reputation protection own the “freethinking” concept, turning the perception of the company as a conservative one into a visionary, futuristic one. To do so, they created storytelling and stories of high impact and interest, together with an executive visibility strategy as leaders in scientific exploration in diverse industries.


The results of these posts reached an ad-equivalency above 10:1 and more than 6.9 million impacts. 3M gained recognition as a key stakeholder in manufacturing and health industry related issues. More than 50 articles published in the most important Tier 1 media in the country in four months of work. 3M was able to position itself as the science and research company it has been for 70 years, impacting positively on people’s lives.

"At LLYC we are proud to work with a global corporation like 3M. It has been an honor to work with them in key challenges as consultants. This was a challenging but also highly creative experience".

Alan Luviano
Director of Corporate Communication LLYC México
1 Apr 2020

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From Post-it to Science: 3M

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