Creation of the Noren product brand.


Creation of a new brand.

Multiópticas needed a brand that allowed it to market a new range of glasses with higher price and quality positioning than the rest of the brand’s existing ranges.


With the launch of the identity of the brand Noren, Multiópticas was able to increase its sales of premium glasses fourfold on the previous year (with the Mó Plus line).

+ 30,000 visits to the webpage since the launch of Noren.

+ 3 million sessions in 2020.

Online sales increased threefold on 2019, as from the launch of Noren.

+ € 7,821 combined value of placements in printed media.

"Thanks to the branding work of Estudio Creativo, we have a brand with very clear and well-defined values and personality that allow us to activate simply through marketing and advertising.”

Javier Sánchez
Multiópticas Marketing Director

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