Communicating the ESG.


MAPFRE needed to increase its awareness and perception as a sustainable company among its main stakeholders, especially society, customers and employees.

To this end, it was necessary to design a global communication strategy for its Strategic Sustainability Plan that could be adapted to the reality of the different countries where MAPFRE operates.

Mapfre's Global ESG Communication Strategy.

LLYC thoroughly assesses the communicative potential of the Strategic Plan's actions.

To this end, we involve executives from the different areas of the company in co-creation sessions to reach a consensus on the key strategic positioning territories for their stakeholders in each market.

The strategy of all countries was unified under the inspirational story of "LaParteQueNosToca", based on the concepts that connected with the interest of their audiences.


The story served as the basis for aligning sustainability communication in the countries where MAPFRE operates and developing key messages.

After prioritizing territories, we drew up a multi-market Communication Plan and designed the coordination strategy for the Group's countries, with a new roadmap focused on replacing sponsorships with emblematic communication actions led by MAPFRE and strategically grounded at the local level.

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