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As from the cancellation of the event to launch Starbucks at Home and Nescafé Tostado y Molido due to the quarantine imposed in the country, work was done on an alternative proposal, which allowed us to access journalists and influencers who were at home and enjoy, now more than ever, a quality coffee made at home. This was the first time that Nestlé had ventured into the Tostado & Molido segment through its Nescafé Gold variety and presented the acquisition of the entire retail channel of Starbucks.

Maintaining the goal of positioning Nestlé as an expert company in quality coffee through the presentation of its new Starbucks at Home brand and its introduction in the Tostado & Molido segment through its Nescafé Gold brand, work was done on three pillars:

- Traditional Press: some interviews were resumed that had been undertaken exclusively with the country’s main media outlets and which had been paused due to the quarantine. These highlighted Nestlé’s commitment despite the situation the world was going through, positioning coffee as the perfect companion at this time.

- Press Kit: more than 80 journalists and recognized influencers received a box containing the French press, a variety of Starbucks coffee, a variety of Nescafé Gold coffee and Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules by Starbucks.

- Virtual experience: journalists and influencers were invited to see the techniques to prepare the iconic Starbucks at Home coffees at home. To do this, they were sent a tasting set that included the three Starbucks at Home varieties, a mug and a tasting sheet. Guided by Max García, a Nescafé Coffee Expert, the participants had the chance to prepare different coffees of this Brand, learn to taste them and identify the properties that characterize each of them.

Virtual launch of Starbucks at Home and Nescafé Tostado y Molido

As from the cancellation of the event to launch Nestlé Argentina to present Starbucks at Home and the introduction of the Tostado & Molido segment with its Nescafé Gold brand, LLYC has been working on a 360° communication proposal that will allow this milestone of the company to be extended through journalists and digital influencers to strengthen Nestlé positioning as an expert company in the industry.


- The campaign received more than 250 impacts in the press and on social media, managing to achieve an advertising value of almost 8 million Argentinian pesos.

- At a press level, there were 33 impacts, of which five were in the largest circulation Argentinian press, which underlined the commitment to the country at such a complex time.

- An average of three publications per influencer were achieved on the social media, which all took place organically.

“Against a backdrop marked by uncertainty, it has been a challenge, in such a short space of time, to redesign the strategy and adapt it to the situation we were facing. Nestlé has managed to position itself as a strategic player in the coffee business in Argentina, enhancing the visibility of its commitment to the country and its people. And for us, it is a source of pride to work with a client which, despite the adversities remains committed to innovation. This was a great piece of teamwork and there is still much to achieve”.

Alejandro Martínez
Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas

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