CIAO 2020: A therapeutic campaign to wave off 2020.


Christmas is a time of year when we look back and get ready to celebrate what lies ahead. 2020 was defined by the pandemic, leading to some difficult months both professionally and personally. This was accompanied by the emotional disconnection and disappointment caused by being unable to celebrate the traditional Christmas events. So, IKEA faced the challenge of maintaining excitement about waving off a very difficult year that was only overcome thanks to the team spirit, tenacity and commitment that has come to characterize its staff. How could that be done?

Listening to music has a positive impact on the psycho-biological stress system, according to the US NLM. This was the basis of our creative idea to invite IKEA employees to release endorphins through music... and we came up with CIAO 2020, a song exclusively composed by the singer, David Otero, and created from everything about 2020 that company staff wanted to say goodbye to.

As a kind of “group therapy” exercise, the song was accompanied by a music video starring company staff. The two pieces were premièred at the first internal online Christmas event for all staff, who were also surprised with an exclusive concert by the singer.


- On social media (excluding paid media), views increased by 1,177%, impressions by 116% and interactions by 498% when compared with the average from publications by IKEA.

- More than 700 ideas were shared by staff in under 48 hours.

- Website hits increased by 263% when compared with other content shared via the internal Newsletter.

- More than 1,295 staff members attended the streaming event, which equates to 80% of the workforce with a device for accessing this content.

- Hundreds of messages expressing a high level of satisfaction were shared by staff members.

‘Ciao 2020’ enabled us to draw a line under a very tough year by support ourselves on the company values using an optimistic and constructive tone. Thanks to the creative idea, degree of involvement and management by the team from LLYC, we produced something co-created with IKEA staff in record time that enabled us to leave all the bad stuff behind us and thank them for the commitment and effort they have demonstrated throughout the year.

Luisa Alli
Dircom IKEA Iberia

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