Cámara Paraguaya de la Carne (CPC)

Paraguayan Meat: “You know it and you love it!”.


The Cámara Paraguaya de la Carne [Paraguayan Chamber of Commerce for Meat Producers] was facing a major challenge in Chile. Even though Paraguayan meats are very popular and enjoyed in the country, people were unaware of their origin and the products therefore lacked brand positioning in the Chilean market.

This perception was confirmed by a diagnostic study conducted by LLYC, which proposed a campaign to build a new position for Paraguayan meat in Chile. Using the slogan: La Conoces y Te Encanta! [You know it and you love it!], the proposal is to position the brand in order to strengthen product attributes and highlight the leadership enjoyed by Paraguayan meat in Chile.


The impact from the campaign had a direct effect on the presence of Paraguayan meat in Chile. It produced three digital assets (Facebook, Instagram and Web), which have so far reached more than 5,000,000 Chileans, generated over 12,000 hits on the website and 24,000 interactions with content on social media in total. The impacted audience was defined from a business requirement perspective via a preliminary buyer study in order to build up a profile of those Chileans most likely to consume meat.

To tell people about Paraguayan meat, to raise the profile of the product among consumers and, within expectations, increase its market share

Francisco Pincheira
LLYC Director and Project Manager

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