Beauty Without Filters.


Support Dove in the Portuguese launch of a new global campaign, part of the Self-Esteem Project, through strong and effective communication with extensive scope and impact in a variety of channels (media and digital).

The most recent Dove campaign, part of its Self-Esteem Project, has aimed to counteract the "toxic" standards of beauty imposed by social media filters on those who are increasingly tempted to distort their real beauty. Specifically, the purpose of this campaign was to raise awareness among young people, children and teachers on how touched-up selfies contribute to false and fragile self-esteem.

To ensure the campaign had an impact:

- Raise awareness for the campaign and its message.

- Generate credibility for Dove’s Self-Esteem Project.

- Improve Dove’s positioning as a brand that promotes women’s real beauty and self-esteem.

Using a Brand PR and Influence Marketing solution, LLYC developed and implemented a communication strategy based on three moments.

1st moment: Mapping In which around 30 digital influencers were selected to be sent the Beauty Without Filters press kit, in partnership with Fujifilm. This kit not only included an invitation to the online campaign launch event (Dove Summit Unfiltered Beauty), but also an Instax mini camera to encourage influencers to share real moments without any digital manipulation.

2nd moment: Communication In conjunction with the brand's global timings, we announced the launch of the new campaign through a press release sent to beauty, lifestyle, general-interest and marketing/consumer media. We not only emphasized the brand's purpose, but also the main conclusions of the Detoxify Beauty study carried out by Dove in Portugal, which was also the first to assess the impact of social media and digital manipulation on the self-esteem of young people.

3rd moment: Open letter In addition, we also sent an open letter to the main influence marketing agencies in Portugal, written by Erica, a real young woman who participated in the Dove Self-Esteem Project in schools. In this letter, she openly expresses one of her greatest wishes, which is also shared by many young girls of her age: to show us their real beauty. At the same time as sharing this letter with the media, we promoted a live event on Instagram from one of the biggest influencers in the country, Ana Garcia Martins, who chatted with psychologist Filipa Jardim da Silva about the pressure that exists in social media, leading people to resort to digital manipulation to achieve unrealistic standards of beauty.


We obtained nearly 50 impacts in the media, we reached 3.7 million people with these news stories and generated €695 K of AAV. In digital channels, the press-kits sent resulted in 16 organic shares on the social media of the influencers, while the live event with Ana Garcia Martins has already had more than 200,000 views and almost 200 comments.

"LLYC is more than a PR agency: it is a real working partner, which becomes a committed part of the team. It was a pleasure to work with LLYC on the Dove Self-Esteem Project and, more specifically, with Carla and Beatriz, who demonstrated a level of commitment and involvement with the cause that went far beyond expectations. I can only offer my thanks for all the strategic planning, the constant monitoring, the desire always to go further, and the exceptional results obtained. Without doubt, it is a partnership we want to maintain!"

Sofia Bargiela
Head of Dove’s Self-Esteem Project in Portugal



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