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Adventure in Dubai.


To show that, far more than just a luxury destination, Dubai can also be an incredible place to enjoy adventure tourism. To demonstrate that Dubai is far more than a luxury destination of spectacular buildings and shops, LLYC Brazil invited some well-known runner influencers to show that sport and tourism can be combined in the city that is home to the Emirates airline. The influencers were given a chance to practice water sports, run the city’s marathon and enjoy a safari in the desert. An LLYC executive accompanied them at all times to guarantee good relations with the team and a long-term return on investment for the firm. All the experiences were shared on the influencers’ social media, YouTube and Instagram profiles. This generated significant repercussions and involvement from followers.

For this challenge, the Consumer Engagement team organized a courtesy trip with runner influencers to show a different side of Dubai. Besides the marathon, participants were given an opportunity to discover a city that can also be an excellent option for practicing water sports and adventure tourism.


YouTube: 6 videos published, more than 20,000 views. Instagram: 207 stories, more than 111,000 “likes” for publications on this social media channel, reach more than 800,000 people.

“I’m extremely proud to work with such an important company as Emirates and it’s an enormous pleasure to show the people of Brazil the various attractions that Dubai has to offer, one of the most popular tourist destinations anywhere in the world”

Daniela Augusto
Consumer Engagement Director
11 May 2022

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