Nacional Monte de Piedad

Actions that Transform.


Nacional Monte de Piedad was clear that the time had come to transform the way in which the oldest financial institution in America interacted with its stakeholders, summarizing 245 years of uninterrupted history in an accessible, interactive document aligned with international standards to report financial results. To achieve this, it developed an editorial and graphic proposal that highlighted the importance of Nacional Monte de Piedad in Mexico, thanks to its foundational mandate to help those who need it most, together with all the daily actions it takes to transform the lives of millions of Mexicans.


Nacional Monte de Piedad is the only lending institution in the country that has an Integrated Annual Report outlining its main annual results and actions beyond regulatory requirements. Furthermore, this document, unique in its history, has allowed it to generate a great sense of belonging among its collaborators, who are now more familiar with the impact of their work for Mexico.

“The experience of working with LLYC in drawing up our first Integrated Annual Report in more than 200 years of history was a great learning curve. We managed to have an impact on all areas of the institution and the great final result obtained has been key in the decision to continue with this good corporate practice that still places us as leaders in the loan sector in Mexico”.

Ramón Peña
Assistant Director for Institutional Relations


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