Dr. Bayard

Grandparents – soulmates forever.


To conquer a younger target audience without forgetting their loyalist public – grandparents.

With the lockdown, senior citizens have suffered the most from solitude and loneliness. In fact, the figures from the operation Censos Sénior 2020 show that solitude is a reality that affects more than 42,000 senior citizens in Portugal, and that the pandemic has exacerbated this situation. Consequently, we are seeing a deterioration of mental health in this age group, along with more cases of depression, sadness and desperation.

Creativity and the management of the production process of the campaign’s official video.

Campaign communication strategy and subsequent implementation:

- Official launch of the campaign with the publication of the video and the dynamic of personalized cans;

- Promotion and management of interviews in the media, with a particular emphasis on TV;

- Launch of a second press statement to stress the dynamic of the personalized cans and incentivize the sharing of memories between grandparents and grandchildren.


Noteworthy among the results on social media were

- 18,781 visualizations on Instagram and 1,300 on YouTube

- reached 65,990 Instagram accounts

- 924 likes (IG+YouTube) and 143 comments (IG)

- 658 new followers on Instagram

- Content saved 96 times on Instagram

- Chatter generated on the social media thanks to the campaign, which fulfilled the aim of sharing memories about grandparents.

Noteworthy among the results in the media were:

- 30 impacts (23 online, 3 printed, 4 on TV)

- 2.4 million people reached

- €948,000 in AAV

108 tins were sold, which means that more than double the number of Dr. Bayard sold within the framework of the campaign for World Grandparents Day than at Christmas, which was previously the best sales period for the brand.

“It has been a pleasure to work with LLYC. A dynamic, focused and creative team made the whole difference to ensure that the “Grandparents – soulmates forever” campaign was a success at various levels”

Daniel Matias
Marketing Director of Dr. Bayard


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