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Who are we?

LLYC, much more than a communication consultancy firm

LLYC is a global communication, digital marketing and public affairs consultancy firm that assists its clients in taking strategic decisions proactively, with the creativity, innovation and experience necessary. Against the current backdrop of disruption and uncertainty, LLYC helps its clients achieve their short-term business goals and to set a roadmap to defend their social license to operate and enhance their prestige. Founded in 1995, the firm currently has 20 offices in 12 countries and a workforce of more than 800 professionals. Over the last two decades, it has not stopped growing at rates above 15% per annum.

Our Strategic Plan

An ambitious Growth Plan

Our aim is to double the size of the business over the next four years and to bed down the group as a benchmark in the sector at a global level. LLYC is pushing through an inorganic growth strategy that seeks to consolidate its leadership in current markets and identify opportunities to break into new geographic markets. In parallel, LLYC continues to integrate technological, creative and strategic capacities and take on talent with the aim of consolidating the differential positioning that the firm has been developing in recent years, thanks to which it has become a strategic partner for its clients.


Recent acquisitions

Within the framework of its growth project, LLYC has acquired three companies so far this year. In May 2021, it acquired the Spanish performance and digital marketing consultancy firm Apache, thus enhancing our Deep Digital Business offer. In July, we integrated CHINA – one of the most awarded creative agencies in Spain, motivating LLYC to take another step forward in terms of creativity. Lastly, in September, the acquisition of Beso in Mexico was formalized – a creative and data-predictive agency that has enhanced the firm’s leading position in the country.

Advancing towards our growth targets

21 Sep 2022

LLYC boosts EBITDA 32% through June

LLYC holds strong, solid and profitable growth despite the challenging macroeconomic environment. The communications, digital marketing and public relations firm posted total revenues of €43.6 million in the first...
21 Jul 2022

LLYC revenues up 70% in the first half of the year, climbing to €43.6 million

LLYC posted total revenues of €43.6 million in the first half of the year. This figure constitutes a 70% increase compared to the same period in 2021, according to...
10 Mar 2022

LLYC’s income improves by 43.5% to 64.1 million euros

LLYC closed last year with a record total income of 64.1 million euros, according to the audited accounts. This figure rose by 43.5% on the turnover for 2020. Operational...
20 Jan 2022

LLYC forecasts 35% growth in total revenue and 25% growth in gross operating profit by 2022

LLYC attains the targets set in its strategic plan. The 2021 results preview, pending the final audit report, shows total income of 62.8 million euros – a new record...

LLYC, a growth project

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