São Paulo

Opened in January 2013, the São Paulo office is an important step in our growth and consolidation in Brazil.

Together with the Rio de Janeiro office, our presence in São Paulo enhances the company’s ability to offer strategic and quality services to our clients, such as LATAM, Casa dos Ventos, Scania, Volvo, American Tower, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Bacardi, Biogen ou EDP, among others.

São Paulo has become one of the main financial markets in Brazil and Latin America, and our operations in this city have rapidly become an essential port of call for international companies entering the country but also for Brazilian companies wishing to expand regionally.

In November 2015, LLORENTE & CUENCA announced the agreement to purchase 70% of S/A Comunicação, by journalist Marco Antonio Sabino, who in turn took over 30% of LLORENTE & CUENCA Brasil.

The merger of the two operations resulted in S/A LLORENTE & CUENCA.

Marco Antonio Sabino is the currently President of S/A LLORENTE & CUENCA and Juan Carlos Gozzer the General Director.

Contact details:
Marco Antonio Sabino
Partner and Brazil Chairman

Juan Carlos Gozzer
Brazil Mananing Director

Rua Oscar Freire, 379, CJ 111, Cerqueira César
CEP 01426-001 São Paulo SP
Tel: +55 11 3060 3390


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