Our top tier experts

Our ongoing commitment to offer our clients services of the highest quality and fully adapt to their needs has led us to develop a Advisory Board composed by professionals of renowned prestige in their fields of expertise.

This high-level open network of top tier counsellors includes from former senior public officials, to other senior professionals with high level of relationships both in business and political environments.

This is our response to the need of forward perspective to anticipate political, social and economic changes that can affect the business of our clients. Experience tells us that the abilities to foresee and build sources of intelligence are essential tools to face the challenges of changing business environments.

For any matter related to this Advisory Board, please contact:

Antonio Fournier
Chairman of the Advisory Board

Joan Navarro
Partner and Vice-President of Public Affairs

Latin America

Martín Gustavo Ibarra

Honorary chairman of the Executive Board of the Americas Free Trade Zones Association (AZFA). Partner and Chairman of Araújo Ibarra & Asociados. Colombia.

Álvaro Cadavid

Former Partner of Spencer Stuart and Financial Times Representative in Colombia. Colombia.

Regis Arslanian

Brazilian Ambassador. Brazil.

Celso Marcos Vieira de Souza

Brazilian Ambassador. Brazil.

Campos de Moya

Vice-President for Institutional Communications and Relations at INICIA. Dominican Republic.

Carlos Rabascall

Journalist, director of the TV program 'Pulso Político'. Ecuador.

José Luis Parra Arias

Corporate Manager of Netpag. Former Operations’ Manager and Managing Editor of the daily paper El Mercurio. Chile.

Pablo Zambrano

Vice-President of the Chamber of Industry and Production. Ecuador.

Fernando Arteta

Former Chairman of Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla, Terpel del Norte and Comité Intergremial del Atlántico. Colombia.

Mauricio Toro

Former Chairman of AFP Protección. Colombia.

Fernando Barrera

Former Information and Press Secretary of the President of the Republic’s Office. Colombia.

Vlamir Domic

Company Executive and Advisor. Chile.

Alejandro Tullio

Former Director at the National Election Board and Former Dean at the National Universities of Lomas de Zamora. Argentina.

Paulo Henrique Rocha

Founder and Managing Partner of Base Capital Partners. Brazil.

Ricardo Vega Llona

President of OHL Group Peru. Peru.

María Jesús Hume

Chairman of the Board AFP Integra. Peru.

Carmen Rosa Graham

Business administrator. Peru.

Óscar Caipo

Main partner of KPMG Peru. Peru.

Federico Cuneo

Sócio e Diretor da Amrop Peru, Panamá, Costa Rica e Equador. Peru.

Alberto Rebaza

Founding and managing partner of the firm Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas Abogados. Peru.

Ricardo Briceño

Chairman of the Board at Agrícola Don Ricardo. Peru.

Sandro Fuentes

Partner at Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados. Peru.

Luis Bustamante

Chief executive at the Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección in Peru. Peru.

Pedro José de Zavala

CEO Circus Grey Peru. Peru.

Spain and Portugal

Manuel Pimentel

Former Minister for Employment and Social Affairs. Spain.

José Antonio Zarzalejos

Former Editor of daily newspapers ABC and El Correo de Bilbao, journalist and regular contributor to various media channels. Spain.

Javier Pons

Former Director of TVE and former CEO of Prisa Radio. Spain.

Melchor Miralles

Former Director of El Mundo TV, journalist and regular contributor to various media channels. Spain.

Alberto Carbajo Josa

Former Managing Director of Operations of Red Eléctrica España. España.

Manuel Carreras Fisas

Chairman of Sport Cultura Barcelona. Spain.

José Manuel Velasco

Chair-elect of the Global Alliance. Spain.

Constantino Méndez

Former State Secretary for Defence. Spain.