Almost one hundred professionals work at our Madrid office. Highly specialised in areas such as Risk Communication, Crisis, Litigation and Restructuring Processes, Online Communication, Public Affairs, Financial Communication, Reputation Management, Sport, Employment, CSR and Stakeholders.

It has been chosen in 2015 & 2014 as one of the 100 Best companies to work in Spain by the magazine Actualidad Económica, due to its support of talent and training programs aimed to outstanding employees so they can have a chance to access management positions within the firm.

In recent years, our Madrid office has been involved in several of the most important corporate transactions in Spain and has collaborated on reputation campaigns for domestic and international companies that are today considered to be among the most valuable in the country. Its clients include 6 of the top 10 companies listed on the Ibex-35 Spanish stock exchange.

Our approach to reputation, innovation and the development of specific solutions are the cornerstones around which our Madrid office has consolidated its leadership in Spain and based its growth in the country.

Contact details:
Arturo Pinedo
Partner and Managing Director Spain and Portugal

Goyo Panadero
Partner and Managing Director Spain and Portugal

Joan Navarro
Partner and Vice-Chairman of Public Affairs

Amalio Moratalla
Partner and Senior Director

Iván Pino
Partner and Senior Director

Jordi Sevilla
Vice-President of Economic Context

Sergio Acereda
Senior Director

Jorge López Zafra
Senior Director

Latam Desk
Claudio Vallejo
Senior Director

Lagasca, 88 – planta 3
28001 Madrid (España)
Tel.: +34 915637722
Fax: +34 915632466

Ana Folgueira
Managing Director of Impossible Tellers

Diego de León, 22, 3º – izd.
28006 Madrid (España)
Tel.: +34 914 384 295